** Will there be replays?

No. To get the need to be with us live.  The event is interactive and by blocking out this sacred time and committing to you, you will experience breakthroughs. AND you'll have the opportunity to get on-the-spot coaching from me!  This year we are virtual so you don't have to buy a plane ticket or get a hotel room. SAVE THE TRAVEL EXPENSES and take advantage of this opportunity this year.  

** How can I connect ahead of time with other attendees?
When we get closer to the date there will be a special private Facebook group for you to join. You'll be able to say hi and meet your sister love travelers there. 

** What’s the Schedule like?
Here is the overall plan. It might change slightly once we start.


April 16th:
10-12:30  Morning Session
Lunch Break
2-5 Afternoon Session
Dinner Break
6:15-7:30 Special Evening Presentation

April 17th:
10-12:30 Morning Session
Lunch Break
2-5:00 Afternoon Session
6:30-7:30 Fireside Chat with Junie 

April 18th:
10-12:30 Morning Session
Lunch Break
1:30-4:30 Afternoon Session & Closing Celebration

** Who else will be attending the event?

Women just like you! There will be women who are just beginning the dating process after a breakup or divorce and there will be women who have been single for a long time and are ready to say YES to love.

You’ll meet amazing women, some with similar stories as you and some you will just want to connect  to just because.

** What happens if I have to cancel and can’t come?

If something comes up and you absolutely cannot attend… you may transfer your registration to a future Junie Moon Event (with no expiration date).

You can transfer your ticket to a friend and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time).